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Warning: Be careful of Web Sites that sell for Cost or ridiculous prices. They may be using the you order  to collect credit information that at  some future point can devastate you!! If a site has no verifiable address or phone number it can be operating from anywhere in the world. Even if the product line is name brand, some manufacturers only require a credit card and do not verify anything else. We suggest, when in doubt call and see if a live person answers the phone. WE HAVE BEEN SELLING ON THE INTERNET OVER 17 YEARS. 


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Alutecnos 30W Reel (one)- 2 speed reel in excellent Mechanical condition.

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This is a Penn #710 green color reel that was part of a collection.  
This is a Fathom Master 600 made by Penn and is in good working order. It was part of a purchase of the fishing gear from a 53 Ft Hatarus.
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